Antoine Maurice Roussety, Educating on The Changing Nature of Traditional Franchise Models

Franchise businesses have proven to be hugely successful over the course of the last fifty years. In that time, they have stubbornly fought of market declines, and proven to be robust and strong in the face of economic downturns. Today, franchise business models are still seen as hugely desirable to any business who can get themselves in the position of being able to set up a model successfully. However, in the modern age of digital technology and hyper-connectivity, the old franchise models that we knew are slowly dying, and are being reformed and rethought as to how they can best operate in the 21st century world. Maurice Roussety is on the front line of helping businesses and individuals understand this notion in Australia today.

Check out Maurice Roussety Official account on Dailymotion  to find out more about him. In one of his seminars, ”Buying a Franchise, Let Buyers Beware”, Maurice explores the issues prospective franchisee should look for when buying a franchise. In this inspirational speech, he critically analyze the pitfalls of relying on brand presence only when selecting a franchise and offer a comprehensive checklist to mitigate the risk of disappointment and financial loss. This specific course is targeted at anyone intending to buy or sell a franchise, giving them a solid foundation knowledge on which to better make decisions.

In another ambitious seminar, ”Traditional Franchise Models are Dead!”, Maurice Roussety gives a 90-minute talk of the increasing popularity of on-line businesses and the demise of some big franchise brands. In it, he explore the argument that traditional franchising models have reached a degenerative stage and offer credible reasons that whilst this view might be true in some instances, it erroneously assumes that e-commerce is not franchisable and that it cannot co-exist with traditional bricks and mortar models. Maurice Roussety, in this seminar, offers examples of how franchising theory can be leveraged to devise convergent growth models for the digital age of retailing. It is a must for new and emerging franchisers and can help bring them up to speed with the latest developments in the world of franchising. Given that this very talk was the basis of his PhD thesis, Maurice Roussety is arguably unrivaled in authority when talking about such subjects, and his wisdom, experience and knowledge have helped prepare the new franchise business people of the 21st century. Find out more about his from Maurice Roussety on SlideShare here.

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