Antoine Maurice Roussety, Helping Business Succeed

Every year, countless new and young professionals enter the workforce with the hopes of starting their own business. It is the dream of all young entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to market and find overnight success, but the harsh reality is that the market is more competitive than ever before, with the vast majority of new businesses failing before the end of their first year. The reason for this is largely due to the rise of the digital era. While on one hand the increase in technology and communication has created a massive boom in the world’s economy, it has at the same time led to a serious saturation in the global economy. There are simply too many businesses. This makes it more competitive than ever before because entrepreneurs and new business owners are not only competing with businesses around them geographically, but those over seas as well.  Like all things in life, this competition has not pushed the market into new directions, but instead it has forced individuals to rely on older methods of business that are still useful today, such as franchising.

For Dr. Maurice Roussety, reasons to franchise your business are based on adapting to these drastic changes in the market. Dr. Maurice Roussety is a respected academic, accomplished business professional, and expert in the analysis, strategies, and changes of the business world. He holds a number of degrees including undergraduate degrees in Economics and Accounting from Monash University, a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Leadership from the University of New English in New South Wales, as well as a Ph.D. in intellectual property and franchise-business valuation from Griffith University in Queensland.

As part of his Ph.D. thesis, Dr. Maurice Roussety developed FRIM, the Franchise Risk Imputation Model, which establishes a framework based on two cornerstones of any company: risk-free rate and total risk as measured by the sum of market specific and company specific risks. This model allows Dr. Maurice Roussety to consult with businesses hoping to enter the market and assist them in understand why their future is going to be success or failure.

For Dr. Maurice Antoine Roussety, guiding companies to business success is all about being upfront and honest about their chances. Part of this process is helping clients understand where the current market is going and where individuals are finding success.

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