Antoine Roussety, Being an Entrepreneur and What it Means

Entrepreneurship can open up all kinds of new possibilities to the person who does not wish to work for someone else (or anyone else). Anyone taking the risk of becoming an entrepreneur is willing to be responsible for his or her own welfare, creating a business environment that can support him or her (and, possibly, many other people as well). For Antoine Maurice Roussety, Inspiring Entrepreneurs is part of a day’s work. He knows what is involved in building a business of your own, whether it consists of just you; or you and a few partners; or you, a few partners, and several employees. Many entrepreneurs started out working by themselves and for themselves, and then found, to their surprise, that they were heading a successful small or even large company.

As Maurice Roussety knows quite well, being an entrepreneur has all kinds of unexpected advantages and drawbacks that working for someone else does not bring about. Setting your own hours is hugely attractive. Being able to work from anywhere in the city, anywhere in the state, or anywhere in the world, as long as you have a reliable Internet connection and a laptop is another bonus. Not dealing with the egos of your former managers is blissful. And not having to report to anyone but your clients is immensely attractive. Stress is often reduced tremendously, making the entrepreneur happier, more relaxed, and, as a result, far more productive.

The flip side is that the responsibilities increase. An entrepreneur has to do taxes himself or herself, and if this is impossible, he or she must hire someone to do them. He or she issues invoices, rather than simply receiving a paycheck, and not all clients are diligent about paying their invoices on time, or in the full amount. And the entrepreneur is the person who deals with the flack when the client is, for any reason, dissatisfied with the services or product rendered. Antoine Maurice Roussety, believes in building business on solid customer satisfaction foundations. As a business consultant, Mr. Roussety knows how to make your clients happy, and how to keep them happy.

Antoine Roussety is a true professional, with more than 20 years of experience as a business consultant. As  a result, he can and will make your dream of being an entrepreneur come true in the best possible way, so that you will always be happy that you took the leap.

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