Antoine Roussety, Experience in Adding Value to Business

For Maurice Roussety, there is one goal when it comes to business consultancy- to add value to the business you are working for. This can be done in a number of ways, but usually means taking the time to get to know the business and its workers on a more intimate level. Many large consultancy firms struggle to offer the personalized and specific goal setting standards of smaller freelance experts like Maurice Roussety, and therefore cannot ad the sustained value so crucial to these wise consultants business models. Maurice Roussety has bags of experience when it comes to working with some of Australia’s top brands, and in doing so has built a wealth of invaluable experience that he carries forward into his profession today.

If you’d like to find out more about Antoine Roussety, Change Implementation on a Global Scale, then visit the following link here. One such brand which benefited from his vast experience was Domino’s Pizza. Here he provided high level tax structuring advice, franchise documentation review, business valuation models, conceptualizing and setting up a franchise development bank supported by complex financial models using Excel and VBA. Furthermore, he developed of a complex consolidation model for interdepartmental and intercompany reporting inclusive of a state and national reporting and management system for over 110 retail outlets across Australia.

For Tattersall’s, He developed internal systems, procedures, and policies manual in compliance with the franchising code of conduct and also delivered various business and educational workshops for executive management. Maurice Roussety also worked for the Australia Post. Here he analyzed and commented comprehensively on the commercialize of its proposed franchise agreement, developed various risk models for code compliance using Excel, developed various goodwill/franchise valuation models for various change of ownership events such as assignments, buy-backs, surrenders, and terminations.

Maurice Roussety also did some invaluable work for Bing Lee. While in this position, he designed and advised on retro-franchising existing network, developed franchise documentation and long range forecasting models for individual stores and the franchiser and also developed strategies for long-term growth through acquisition. If you’d like to find out more about Maurice Roussety and the experience he has had in business consultancy, then visit the following page here to Dr Maurice Antoine Roussety, Motivates on authorStream.

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