Antoine Roussety, Why Your Business Needs a Consultant

It is no secret that all business want to implement strategies and models that will help them succeed. In order to do this, most professionals turn to strategies of the past that have proven to be successful for business that are similar to theirs, or even on a more general level. However, in our modern and fast-paced world of international business, turning to the past for working models of modern business is a slippery slope. While there are tried and true methods of business that will always be universally successful, now more than ever it is important to look to the future of business in order to anticipate the rapid changes that our global economy is experiencing. These changes, brought on by communication such as the internet and mobile smart phones, are proving to be the defining characteristic of our modern age in business. Therefore, business owners who are struggling to find and implement modern models and strategies need to consult with individuals who understand the market and can guide them into the future of business.

According to Dr. Maurice Roussety, enhancing business performance through expert advice is now a necessary part of being in the professional world. Businesses and individuals can hardly be expected to understand the ways in which the modern job market has shifted over the last few generations. It takes years of study to understand the modern business world and few people have the time, energy, or resources to devote themselves to studying this. Dr. Maurice Roussety, however, is the exception. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Accounting from Monash University, a Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Leadership from the University of New England in New South Wales, as well as a Ph.D. in Intellectual Property and Franchise Business Valuation from Griffith University in Queensland.

This strong background in academics has made Maurice Roussety one of the most sought after consultants in Australia. He has consulted with Westpac, Optus, IAG, ACCC, Australia Post, and Coles Myer. He also works as an Executive Consultant DST Advisory and Lecturer in Small Business, Franchising, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. He has helped a number of companies around the world with their franchising needs.

For Dr. Maurice Roussety, keeping ahead in the franchising stakes is all about understanding the current market and adapting your business model in order to inspire success. In the modern global economy, there is no better way to do this than in franchising. In Australia alone, generates revenues in excess of $144 billion and directly employs more than 460,000 Australians through over a thousand franchise systems. Therefore, whether you are in or outside of Australia, consider franchising as your next business move.

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