Dr Maurice Roussety, Creative Insights into Globalization

There is no denying the profound effects the process of globalization has had on nearly every business and every economy. Our hyper-connected world means that even the slightest shift in business and economic ideas and trends can later on cause seismic shifts in the market. No business is immune from the process, even if it is a small one man operation in the Outback somewhere. The key question for businesses then has become- how to we deal with this inevitable force, and what can we do to capitalize and make the most of it? One of Australia’s top business consultants, Maurice Roussety, provides some insight into this, offering his academic mind and wealth of experience to businesses looking to bolster their organization.

For Maurice Roussety, Preparing Business for Globalization means training the people to think creatively and inventively about possible change implementations strategies. One of his seminars, named ‘Globalization’, tackles this very issue. It is a 90-minute discussion on playing in our global commerce village. For Maurice Roussety, globalization is neither a new world experience nor a passing fad. It is here to stay and will continue to prevail as long as competition exists and the global market transitions towards being less international. It is a process of change in an organization’s growth and evolution, and in Australia, it stems from the Golden Age and that which is driven by cultural, social, economic, political and informational influencers. This course is particularly targeted at CEOs of medium to large organizations involved in our global village of business and commerce, looking to strengthen their positions in the markets.

Maurice Roussety also runs a seminar for leadership techniques in the global village. For Maurice, among the many challenges facing organizations big and small, there is no bigger, no more complex than the need to effectively manage resources towards a sustainable social, political, and economic outcome. It is the ideal for leaders or leadership teams of organizations with global ambitions.

Maurice Roussety’s lectures combine a blend of experience, critical insight using his academic knowledge, and personal life stories to help motivate, as well as inform the audiences to who he lectures. He has built a reputation as being one of Australia’s most dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking individuals, ready to help institutions implement positive change and prepare them better for a world geared towards globalization If you’d like to find out more about him, then visit Dr. Maurice Antoine Roussety Official account on authorstream.

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