Dr Maurice Roussety, New Heights in Consultancy Strategy

In such a saturated market, it may seem to be difficult to find the right consultant for the right job. Many people claim to have the experience and expertise to help businesses elevate their operations to the next level. There are many ways in which businesses can approach strategic consultancy routes, however in the modern age, a strong intellectual bent and interest can help experts get tot the root of business problems and find more achievable pathways to long term success.

For Maurice Roussety, Preparing Business for Globalization means thinking of new strategies and in roads into business operations. Equipped with numerous academic certificates, including a PhD in business strategy, Maurice Roussety has been described as a dynamic and outside of the box thinker. His unique approach to consultancy has seen him approached and working for some of Australia’s premier brands, both in the private and public sector. One such high profile role he took on was for the Queensland Public transport Service.

In this role, Maurice Roussety developed a comprehensive face-to-face model to support a whole-of-government initiative known as Smart Service Queensland. This initiative focused on the integration and aggregation of services delivered by various government agencies in Queensland with the overriding objective of improving customer access and quality of service. To help prepare himself for the challenge of this role, he undertook extensive Excel based econometric and financial modeling of agency revenues, costs under prevailing and proposed hub, and spoke systems and carried out complex geo-demographic analysis of market areas of various agency locations, site mapping and service demand forecasting.

His experience in roles such as this have allowed Maurice Roussety to go freelance today, where he is able to share his experience and knowledge even further. He has worked closely with small to large enterprises over his career, advising in key areas such valuations, management, structuring, marketing, and strategy. He has been engaged for his expertise in financial modeling, franchising and low-cost growth strategies by leading organizations to leverage the greater growth of private and public sector clients. His academic background and intellectual curiosity, means Maurice Roussety is always finding new ways to confront long standing business problems. He is a pragmatic yet philosophical consultant, who is ever more sought after thanks to his innovative and visionary approach to business consultation. If you’d like to find out more, then visit Dr. Maurice Antoine Roussety Official account on Authorstream.

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