How Globalization is Making Changes to Business by Dr Maurice Roussety

Hearing the term ‘globalization’ may conjure up different meanings. Simply, globalization is the way things are done in a global manner, things which are done together around the world. It can confuse many as it encompasses economics, trade, technology, politics, culture, and business. Dr Maurice Roussety, what globalization has done to business is something he deliberates and informs those who are in the field. Today, globalization has seen great benefits for corporations who can outsource, manufacture, communicate, build relationships across the globe; a creation of greater opportunities, greater economic growth is what budding entrepreneurs want to take advantage of. The phenomenon has been fruitful for many but not everyone so expert advice is important.

The ability to possibly reach out to people everywhere is what any business person aims to achieve. Pre-globalization a new product or service was confined to certain areas of the market, which thanks to globalization no longer applies. Maurice Roussety states that the full impact of globalization, the effect it is having on everyone is so great that it is doing wonderful things for the Australian (and global) economy. By taking part in one of his seminars or watching one of his talks you can understand how to be a part of this phenomenon. His tailor-made workshops are specific to your needs as he truly values the customer. His focus is being able to help others succeed through money-saving strategies; money doesn’t need to be thrown into business but it’s more about being business savvy and learning about current and future trends, the methods that can be applied to guarantee ROI. Specific programmes built will ensure that you won’t be disappointed.

For Dr Maurice Roussety, life lessons from a different childhood have made him well respected as a mentor. Difficulties from his childhood saw him persist to succeed and he focused on his education, studying Economics and Commerce at Monash University in Victoria, before gaining two Master Degrees in Business Administration and Leadership, then a PhD in Intellectual Property and Franchise-Business Evaluation. Impressive which it is, he also has practical experience that has seen him work with the biggest brands in Australia as well as applying his life lessons to his consulting practice.

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