Maurice Antoine Roussety, The Key to a Prospering Business

The Various Aspects that Help a Business to Prosper

Maurice Roussety, helping businesses prosper, uses his extremely valuable advice to do so. Dr. Roussety has guided many companies irrespective of their size to get their share of success. Dr. Roussety has worked as an analyst and strategist in Marketing and Finance. He has consulted with ACCC, Westpac, Optus, IAG, Australia Post and Coles Myer. He is also a lecturer at the Griffith University, delivering lectures on small business, franchising, marketing and entrepreneurship. He is also the Executive Consultant at DST Advisory.

Maurice Roussety has completed his graduation in Economics from the Monash University. His post-graduation has been obtained in Business Administration and in Leadership from the University of New England. His PhD thesis is about franchise business valuation from the Griffith University. Dr. Roussety is a world famous speaker and his words have influenced many people. Dr. Roussety firmly believes that franchising can cater to all the needs of a would-be entrepreneur. Franchising promises to bring back lucrative revenue and does not involve much risk.

Maurice Roussety on Youtube tells us why franchising is beneficial for the new comers. Franchising ensures that a new company is under the guidance of a parent organization. It can rely on the parent organization for finances, resources, and infrastructure and man power. The highly competitive market has caused neck to neck competition and without the amenities of resources, infrastructure, manpower and finance, no new company will be able to withstand the competition. Startups often take up lots of time to gain their own reputation but franchises do not need to be concerned about creating a reputation as they can already access the reputation of their parent organization for their own betterment.

Maurice Roussety gives an example of the franchise system of Australia to show how profitable franchising can be. Through a network of over a thousand franchises, annual revenue excess of $144 billion was generated. Around 460,000 individuals were recruited by the franchise systems to ensure a smooth running system. The various benefits of franchises include lower startup costs, greater scope, easy market penetration, high chances of making it to the global market and lower recruitment’s. Franchising also ensures lesser risk percentage because of the presence of a parent company. A franchise gets an easy access to the already existing customer circle of the parent company, without having to put in many efforts.  So, franchising basically involves all positive aspects, with practically no negative aspects, which is a boon for newcomers.

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