Maurice Roussety, Business and Our Lives

Impact of Business in Our Lives

Dr.Maurice Roussety, “Are we defined by our childhoods?”  is a very thoughtful question. Dr. Roussety did not have an easy upbringing and he was brought up in a manner very different from others. As a result, he learned a lot about himself. The childhood of every individual greatly contributes to his or her future. It is during those formative years that a child develops his skills and sets up his goals for the future. The childhood years clearly help every individual to stand out by helping to develop the interests and overcome the obstacles which can be beneficial in the future years.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and to keep up with the constant changes, one has to adapt with an equal speed. The change is also clearly visible in the field of business. Globalization has come with a lot of perks but it has also brought stiff competition. Preparing businesses to keep pace with the globalization is Antoine Roussety’s field of specialization. He has obtained a graduation degree in Economics and Accounting from Monash University. He was quite impressed with the manner in which business was carried out in a larger scale. He obtained his post-graduation degree in Business Administration and in Leadership from the University of New England, in New South Wales. His PhD thesis is based on intellectual property and franchise business-valuation and has been completed from the Griffith University in Queensland.

Antoine Maurice Roussety, Security and Franchising go hand in hand according to him. Franchising is a very good option for new entrepreneurs. Though there are mixed opinions regarding franchising, Dr. Roussety strongly puts forward the advantages. The problems of inadequate infrastructure, resources and manpower that startups face often prevent them from creating a strong position for themselves in the highly competitive market. In case of franchises, the risks are minimal. Since they are under a parent company, they are easily entitled to all the required resources, infrastructure and manpower.

Dr.Roussety believes that due to the impact of globalization on modern economy, the new businesses find it very difficult to create their own place. The franchises do not have to worry about creating a market for themselves. Since, franchises are ushered by a parent company they get a ready made market for their goods and services. The franchises also do not need to worry about retaining customers because most customers make their choices, depending on the goodwill of the parent company. Franchising also has added incentives as larger companies are more secure and possess consistent methods to generate revenue. Being under the larger companies makes it relatively easier for the franchises to survive in the rat race of business.

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