Maurice Roussety, Government Legislation and How It Can Change the Face of Business

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If you’d like to find out more about his work and research, then visit the following link here to Dr. Maurice Roussety Will Soon Release His PhD Thesis on Franchise Systems in Australia.

Government intervention within business and commerce matters is important, albeit frustrating for some traders, and helps stabilize economies and tailor markets to suit the greater needs of the nation. However, the legislation put in place by governments certainly change the face of many business theories, structures and ideas, which means business academics like Maurice Roussety are constantly called upon to re-evaluate business methods and how they are affected by these changes in government policy. In 2015, Maurice Roussety completed his PhD at Griffith University, with his ground breaking thesis exploring the theme of valuing franchises in the modern economic climate.

Maurice Roussety’s research spawned form changes in the governmental and economical make up of Australia some years ago. Government intervention in the Australian franchising sector means that franchisors and franchisees cannot deal with each other free of restrictions. Consequently, these restrictions to freedom of contract provide a catalyst for franchise businesses to become increasingly differentiated from those that operate independently, thereby creating nonconformity and incongruity in the way they are structured and operated. It caused franchise owners across thee country to have to rethink fundamental aspects of their business models.

Ultimately, the uniqueness of the franchise arrangement and the incompleteness of franchise agreements create a unique bundle of risks that underscores the complexities associated with the valuation of goodwill of franchises at a change of ownership. Despite these complexities, goodwill valuation can become the threshold of many commercial, operational, and legal disputes requiring resolution. An exciting new intellectual property and goodwill valuation methodology has been developed in Dr. Maurice Roussety’s Doctoral Thesis by synthesizing agency and finance theories.

The research has proven to be groundbreaking, and looks set to help franchise owners across the country build better goodwill relationships and structures within their business. Maurice Roussety enjoys being able t make positive contributions such as this to some of Australia’s leading brands, and hopes the success of his ideas in practice will help spread the word globally, to other countries who may have faced similar government interventions in the franchise fields. If you’d like to find out more about his doctoral research, or his life and career, then visit the following page here to Maurice Roussety (Griffith University, Brisbane) on ResearchGate.

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