Maurice Roussety, The Right Leader at the Right Time

According to an article by Maurice Roussety, Leadership Goals for Business Growth and Success, there are a number of economic strategies that are flourishing in today’s economy, despite being largely neglected for the last two decades. Franchising is one of the most successful business strategies today because it has managed to remain competitive in an overly saturated, overly competitive global economy. Franchising is such a powerful strategy because it draws on the resources and reputation of a larger parent company, allowing new businesses under their model to have a competitive head start in the market. According to Dr. Maurice Roussety, the franchise sector in Australia is particularly well developed. It has attracted several Commonwealth Government studies because it generates revenues in excess of $144 billion annually, and directly employs more than 460,000 Australians through 1,160 different and unique franchise systems. “Presently there is no web portal or published methodologies that systematically and comprehensively rate the efficiency and goodwill of a franchise system. Independent knowledge about the strength and viability of new, emerging, and mature franchise systems is paramount to franchisors, franchisees, lender, professional advisers, government, and investors”

Business that want to stay competitive in the long run would do well to follow the franchise system that has proven to be so successful in Australia. According to experts such as Maurice Roussety, these models will stay competitive as the modern business world continues to expand.

Dr. Maurice Antoine Roussety, moving franchises and brands in to the new age, is an Executive Consultant DST Advisory and Lecturer in Small Business, Franchising, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. He received his Ph.D. from Griffith University as well, publishing his paper on intellectual property and franchise-business valuation. He also has a Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Leadership from the University of New England in New South Wales, has and consulted with Westpac, Optus, IAG, ACCC, Australia Post, and Coles Myer.

Any great company will tell you that they are a product of their leaders. Companies rely on great leadership because of their size. While it is true that no single individual can handle the workings of a company on their own, businesses run most effectively when they have consolidated all decision making power to a single, or at least few, individuals. Then, whatever decisions they have made for the company as a whole will be passed down and carried out by the rest of the employees. Therefore, having a leader who makes great decisions is absolutely crucial for the long-term success and growth of any company.

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