Maurice Roussety, Understanding Franchises in the Modern Age of Digitization

How today’s world effects franchising

If you’d like to find out more about his work, then visit the link here to Maurice Roussety Official account on Dailymotion.Franchises, like any other business models, are at the whims of changes in economic policy, digital and technological progressions, and market trends. This means that these types of business models are constantly being re-evaluated by business experts, to find out how to best utilize them in the modern age, and make sure business leaders know how to operate them to maximum efficiency. Dr. Maurice Roussety s one such man who is an expert into his field, having written a seminal thesis on valuing franchises in the modern age, is Dr. Maurice Roussety. On top of his academic research, he is also a prolific public speaker, covering a large array of important business areas, including specifics of modern franchising in the context of globalization and digital progression.

In one of his most exciting and compelling talks, Dr. Maurice Roussety covers the topics of buying franchises and things to look out for. It is titled ‘Buying a Franchises…Let Buyer Beware!’. In it, Maurice Roussety explores the issues a prospective franchisee should look for when buying a franchise. He critically analyze the pitfalls of relying on brand presence only when selecting a franchise and offer a comprehensive checklist to mitigate the risk of disappointment and financial loss. This is a talk targeted at anyone intending to buy or sell a franchise, to help them get a foundation for making better decisions in the franchise market.

In the boldly titled ‘Traditional Franchise Models Are Dead” Maurice Roussety talks about the changing economic environment and its impact on franchises. In this 90-minute talk of the increasing popularity of on-line businesses and the demise of some big franchise brands, he explores the argument that traditional franchising models have reached a degenerative stage and offer credible reasons that whilst this view might be true in some instances, it erroneously assumes that e-commerce is not franchisable and that it cannot co-exist with traditional bricks and mortar models. Maurice offers examples of how franchising theory can be leveraged to devise convergent growth models for the digital age of retailing. This is a must for new and emerging franchisors, looking to gain an advantageous foothold in the franchise world, and keep them ahead of the competition. If you’d like to find out more, then visit the following page here at Maurice Roussety on SlideShare.

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